Thursday, 16 August 2012


Yesterday started out as another grey day, with just a patch of sun over the tree tops. It eventually turned into glorious sunshine, until I had walked up to my friends allotment to help out with weeding,(in exchange for some more sweet peas) then the heavens opened.
I have done a lot of knitting this week, so the mittens are finished and F is thrilled. They are now ready for her as she cycles to sixth form next term.
I have also bought a very pretty tray, in TK MAX, I just love it!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Busy Day

Yesterday we went on a road trip to pick up my mother in law and take her shopping. She is 83 years old and doesn't get out  much anymore. We had a wonderful day. She bought shoes and a scarf, whilst the girls encouraged her into shops she wouldn't normally step inside. They enjoyed each others company immensely. Perfect for everyone. I bought Rowan yarn in the sales and some fabric for a quilt for a 21st birthday.
Today I have made the Lemon Blueberry scones  found on Debs blog. They smell delicious and I can't wait to taste them later. Off to cut the lawn.

Monday, 13 August 2012

It's been great, but now it's all over!

The Olympics have finished. Didin't we do well! London 2012 was good.All the sceptics are silent now.
Back to normal life. Hubby is going to work today, after a long illness.
I am off on leave and taking the girls on a road trip to pick up my 83 year old mother in law and take her shopping for shoes at a very specific shoe shop!
I have finished knitting a pair of socks, so started these mittens  with this yarn.  It's okay, but splits easily and will pile quickly too I fear.
My garden is tidier because I have spent the last few days in it, first time after all that rain.
My friend Catherine called with the sweet peas from her allotment. They smell delicious!

Friday, 10 August 2012

16 today!

Today my youngest daughter celebrated her 16th birthday. At present she is into all things vintage, so I made her card in colours she liked, added a sewing machine charm, and an old diamante brooch .
We also sewed a new dress out of new fabric, but using an old Style pattern from 1980s, it had to to be taken in alot because sizes then were larger than sizes now, but the finished result looks good. The buttons are from a selection I aquired from an eldery aunt, the label said 1/4d old money!

She has recently had lessons in cupcake decoration and made these little beauties. I am one very proud mum!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Warm days in May

So this weekend, indeed week, has been another busy one, I have made cupcakes inour soaring temperatures for two retirement parties at work, boy did the icing melt! On Friday evening we celebrated Caitlins (a close friends daughter) 17th Birthday with a giant birthday cookie, which tasted as good as it looked. The Saturday lunchtime was a birthday lunch out for my mother in laws birthday, and Saturday eveing was a joint 50th birthday party for two friends, Phew!  Today I have concetated on the garden until the temperature pushed me back inside. First my hubby cut the lawn,

Then I sorted out the spring bulbs in tubs that have died off, and left them drying out.
Planted out my homegrown Sweet peas, can't wait to smell these.
Planted out salad onions, letuce and radish seeds
Watered my runner beans, growing nicely, and onions, 36 of them, in front of the beans.

and after planting the pansies, I sat and enjoyed a cup of tea and a little knitting.
(the advent calendar mittens)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


This last weekend was lovely, the sun shone, E was home, (very tired though) and all seemed right..
We went to a wedding of some people we know in our Church, who were getting married for the first time, he is in his mid eighties and she in he mid seventies. It was the most wonderful wedding, full of everything weddings should be.

I have also finished Fs cardigan, pictured here rather badly, she insisted on holding the guitar, and having her head chopped off too! It looks and is very baggy, she wants it that way and has worn it out already, it feels warm and will be cozy on cold days I'm sure.

Friday, 11 May 2012

This Week...

This week has been one that will go down in our memories, E has started her first placement on a ward at the hospital where she is training, she has given her first injection, and seen many things good and bad, she is coming home tonight for the weekend and we are all looking forward to her return.
F has had her last week of compulsory school, she finished today with a celebration assembly and only has to go back for exams, these start on Monday. A major milestone in her life, yet she wouldn't have a photo taken.
Today, I planted some onions and a rhubarb plant, and wrapped this gift for my aunt in lovely paper, both my fathers sisters have birthdays close together and both have had gifts wrapped in this paper this year I also tidied the lounge, as F has friends coming tonight for Pizza .

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day out

Yesterday we went out, a rare treat, especially without children. E is at university now, and F was on her Duke of Edinburgh expedition in Debryshire, so we joined a couple of Friends and spent the day in Nottinghamshire at Southwell Workhouse. This is the first workhouse built, and is one of only two remaining in the UK owned by the National Trust. We tend to think of Dicken's when the word is mentioned, dirty overcrowded places full of despair and yet this wasn't, it was a rural setting rather than the inner city, was built in 1824 by a man who had a lot of foresight.

Some photos are of the town itself, it had loads of Georgian buildings, with beautiful gardens.
Today, is Sunday and hubby and I have been a walk around our countryside, the day is glorious, sunny with a lovely blue sky.

Crackley woods in spring, even after all the rain the bluebells and wood anenomes have come out such a lovely walk, I must try to draw these bluebells.
Home now to make rock cakes,and finish this....

Friday, 4 May 2012

This Week

Today, I have done a little gardening, both Christmas trees needed repotting, the smaller one is my brothers, he lives alone and I have encouraged this tree from a small supermarket offering into what you see now, very pleased it's doing so well. Ours isn't so happy, the pines are quite yellow when you get closer and it has an infestation of ladybirds at present, not sure it will do so well over the coming months, but I will keep trying.
This is my recycled Starbucks smoothie cup, it makes a really good biosphere for growing my sweet pea seedlings,
sadly the ones in the seed trays are poor, but I have had the seeds a good while, probably need to buy fresh.
Also done some sewing, trying to make gifts rather than buying this year, so I have made mug mats out of Moda fabrics. Sewing isn't my strongest skill but I do enjoy it, also used up some Ikea fabirc with grey flowers  to make mats too.
I have also nearly finished knitting my youngest a large ''Granny'' cardigan (her description not mine)