Monday, 7 March 2011

Lazy Sunday

Plenty of clearing up to do around the house, this is one of my craft boxes for making cards.
These socks are coming along, they started out as a gift for a friends daughters birthday, but the knitted in wrinkles were very uneven and so I started again and knitted them with out the wrinkles, now my youngest daughter wants them, as slouchy socks for lazy days and nights!

I also did so sewing yesterday and made three little bags, which I will give away as gifts. The fabric is from Ikea and the lining is just plain.

Finally I started the mouse to be found as a free pattern on Ravelry. I must go now as I have 4 fouteen year olds baking cakes in my kitchen and the noise level has just risen to behond what I would consider OK. They are baking for a school bake sale in aid of a village in Africa.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Found Time

This is a recent photo of the bush outside our home after a severe frost. It may not look much here, but in reality it was a work of art.

I always knew 2011 was going to be busy, but not this busy! This year my husband and brother both celebrate their 50th Birthdays, our first child (she died at the age of two) would have been 21, Ellie will be 18 and hopefully off to university to study nursing in October, Francesca has been selected to run for England in The World Orienteering Championships in the Dolomites in Italy this May(so lots of training sessions to attend) and my parents in law celebrate their Diamond wedding anniversary. Finding time for work, choir and Brownies, plus being a mother would also have to be factored in so Choir has stopped for now, brownies , well my tawny owl has taken on more duties, and everything else will just have to fit in somehow. So time for being creative is limited. The picture above is the start of the knitted kangaroo, I saw it and loved it and just had to knit one. I am currently knitting two different pairs of socks and a shrug for my youngest. Pictures soon.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Busy 2011

Just before Christmas I started making a table runner I had seen in a book lent to me by my
aunt. Here are a couple of picture of it in the making, it is now on our dining room table. I am please with it.
Two weekends ago I found time to make two coasters, they now reside on my desk at work. We are not encouraged to have personal stuff on our desks, but I figured that a mug mat isn't really that personal!