Sunday, 15 February 2015

February , busy yet fun

Ellie is now qualified, this is her in her student scrubs on her last day as a student, she goes into blue uniform when she starts her job on 2/3/15. My Debbie Bliss doorstop is finished at last, I need to write a better pattern for assembling this the book was not clear.
Valentines day and Ian and I hosted a meal for friends, the chocolate and salted caramel pots were a success and instead of buying roses for the centrepiece I made crepe paper ones! they certainly last longer!
Pedro came for the day, his owners say he is generally unwell and it is old age troubling him now, still we enjoyed a walk together.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Busy start to the new year!

Christmas2014 before the gifts were handed out. Saying goodbye to the wallpaper in the hall as 2015 is the year it comes off!

Later on we used Ellies camera to take a family photo, missing grandma and grandpa was very subdued but you can just see my brother in the background with almost a halo around his head!

January2015 for the first time since my parents died(almost 20 years) my brother hosted a family get together at our old family home. The day went well, everyone bought a plate to share the photo not so well as the old décor made us all look orange!

our Christmas fireplace

a finished cushion, my first crotchet

made some birthday cards in advance of the dates!

celebrated a birthday!

Also made a resolution to get ahead for next year by making 10 cards a month for Christmas, this is the first 10

also have nearly finished this cushion for a friends birthday, needs a bigger inner and more mirrored décor sewing on,
 I have also knitted glittery socks ready for next Christmas and have started a top for me :
the link is here: climb every mountain

Plenty of redecorating to do this year around the house and garden, last year was taken up with very sad events so I want to make the most of this year.
I found some World War 1 medals in amongst my mother in laws things whilst we were clearing out I have had them framed for my husbands birthday later this month and will post a picture after he sees them. We don't know who the belong to but assume it must be family members on his side.
Off to choose paint for the downstairs toilet and kitchen later quite looking forward to working on the house.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Happy Christmas to you!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas tree is up

younger daughter's advent calendar bunting I made

each one holds a gift most of which I have made

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The doggies are now on their cards

a different type of dog card

special card for a friend

The polar bear is in situ too

Our Church holds a Christmas tree festival each year to raise money for charity. I volunteered as a steward this afternoon.

added a couple of my favourites this is for WW1 poppies were made by schoolchildren

Frozen themed one by a Brownie troop

Saturday, 29 November 2014

made Christmas cards for the girlies this morning. first Ellie

then Francesca

Then saw the trees we bought at a Christmas market last week and decided they looked festive on the piano so I wanted to share.

Friday, 28 November 2014

200gram ball of wool for a cowl!

patchwork Christmas card

small mince pie, very yummy with a cuppa!

same quilting theme for a friends birthday

these guys are also going onto cards, they look festive in their scarves, yet they can hang on the tree as ornaments too.