Friday, 31 May 2013

Celebrating a wedding

My friend Cathyrn married Kevin from California last Sunday, the sun shone and the day was perfect, lots of happiness around.
 After cleaning out our shed, which is intergrated into the side of the house, we used the old bookcase from the spare room, (v.old and wobbly) to store the pots etc.., pleased with the end result!
Still busy knitting, but paused to make a project bag for my aunts birthday, with yarn and needles inside for her to try her first pair of socks.

Finally went into Birmingham on Tuesday with Francesca to purchase these... fantastic colour!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

A happy Day!

The first pictures are of  my finished yet not sewen up gloves, not that happy with them,but don't know why.

The second couple are of our spare room, it is mostly filled with books, and most of those belong to my husband. The picture below is how it used to be decorated, with Beatrix Potter characters, and after 15 years I finally took the plunge and have started to paint!  My husband hates change, and has refused to help as he isn't bothered how things look so long as they work satisfactory. I have had enough of the old look and yet it is a mammoth task to remove the books and then put them back, this is why... 

It 's a mammoth task, but a happy day for me because I have started!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

In one week

This week I have planted spring bulbs, only cooked one pudding,(much to my husbands dismay) and finished one glove, plus the second started. Thoses that are wondering, yes they are from Debbie Bliss' ''A Knitter Year'' but in DK rather than 4ply because I couldn't get the yarn colours in 4 ply!  The card is my rather poor first attempt at cut work, which my husband will appreciate, but I have to practice it, with a finer and sharper knife.
Weather here is fine and windy,  the snow  has all gone.
Not sure if I have mentioned that I am singing again, a different choir, one linked to our Church, not so committing and very few in numbers, but it means I sing for an hour a week with others, and I am enjoying it.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Yesterday started out as another grey day, with just a patch of sun over the tree tops. It eventually turned into glorious sunshine, until I had walked up to my friends allotment to help out with weeding,(in exchange for some more sweet peas) then the heavens opened.
I have done a lot of knitting this week, so the mittens are finished and F is thrilled. They are now ready for her as she cycles to sixth form next term.
I have also bought a very pretty tray, in TK MAX, I just love it!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Busy Day

Yesterday we went on a road trip to pick up my mother in law and take her shopping. She is 83 years old and doesn't get out  much anymore. We had a wonderful day. She bought shoes and a scarf, whilst the girls encouraged her into shops she wouldn't normally step inside. They enjoyed each others company immensely. Perfect for everyone. I bought Rowan yarn in the sales and some fabric for a quilt for a 21st birthday.
Today I have made the Lemon Blueberry scones  found on Debs blog. They smell delicious and I can't wait to taste them later. Off to cut the lawn.

Monday, 13 August 2012

It's been great, but now it's all over!

The Olympics have finished. Didin't we do well! London 2012 was good.All the sceptics are silent now.
Back to normal life. Hubby is going to work today, after a long illness.
I am off on leave and taking the girls on a road trip to pick up my 83 year old mother in law and take her shopping for shoes at a very specific shoe shop!
I have finished knitting a pair of socks, so started these mittens  with this yarn.  It's okay, but splits easily and will pile quickly too I fear.
My garden is tidier because I have spent the last few days in it, first time after all that rain.
My friend Catherine called with the sweet peas from her allotment. They smell delicious!