Wednesday, 16 May 2012


This last weekend was lovely, the sun shone, E was home, (very tired though) and all seemed right..
We went to a wedding of some people we know in our Church, who were getting married for the first time, he is in his mid eighties and she in he mid seventies. It was the most wonderful wedding, full of everything weddings should be.

I have also finished Fs cardigan, pictured here rather badly, she insisted on holding the guitar, and having her head chopped off too! It looks and is very baggy, she wants it that way and has worn it out already, it feels warm and will be cozy on cold days I'm sure.


  1. Good luck to your friends on their wedding. Isn't it great when all that hard work is really appreciated.

  2. Proof it's never too late to find happiness and love--what a wonderful wedding indeed!
    Great job on the sweater--looks comfy and cozy! Have a great day, Deb