Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rainy Tuesday

Today it is just pouring with rain and hasn't stopped, so as I have returned to work in my office it was quite fitting really after so much lovely time at home. I watched the rain stream down the office windows and decided not to brave the city at lunch time so I borrowed a collegues knitting book and enjoyed a few peaceful moments with that ,until I came across a pattern for a pair of socks, very pretty I thought so I went to look for the pattern details and someone (it was a second hand book) had ripped them out before passing it on!! The owner was quite dismayed, she hadn't realised this either.

I love this
Got home to these pretty daisies in their Ikea pot,reminding me that it wasn't such a bad day after all.
Hubby is away this week so F and I make cakes,small fairy cakes for my brother with mixed dried fruit, these are his favourites, then F made a victoria sponge for her friends birthday tommorrow.

Victoria Sponge


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