Friday, 4 May 2012

This Week

Today, I have done a little gardening, both Christmas trees needed repotting, the smaller one is my brothers, he lives alone and I have encouraged this tree from a small supermarket offering into what you see now, very pleased it's doing so well. Ours isn't so happy, the pines are quite yellow when you get closer and it has an infestation of ladybirds at present, not sure it will do so well over the coming months, but I will keep trying.
This is my recycled Starbucks smoothie cup, it makes a really good biosphere for growing my sweet pea seedlings,
sadly the ones in the seed trays are poor, but I have had the seeds a good while, probably need to buy fresh.
Also done some sewing, trying to make gifts rather than buying this year, so I have made mug mats out of Moda fabrics. Sewing isn't my strongest skill but I do enjoy it, also used up some Ikea fabirc with grey flowers  to make mats too.
I have also nearly finished knitting my youngest a large ''Granny'' cardigan (her description not mine)

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  1. Claire, such a wonderful idea to use the starbuck's cup--I must remember that. It's so nice to see what you've been sewing/knitting/growing. Have a good weekend...Deb