Monday, 30 April 2012

New Begining

Hello again!

I have called this post new beginings because I am trying to start again and keep  this blog current.
 I do loads of crafting everyday of my life, it isn't complete without it, yet somehow finding time to write about it is difficult.
The baby's jacket pictured above is for a friend a work, she has just given birth to a baby boy, slightly earlier than planned and smaller too, Jack was 4lbs 14 oz and because this jacket came out smaller than expected it will sevre him well over the coming weeks.  It was knitted top down,(a first for me) and has circles of felted fabric with stars stitched on them as decoration. Love it, and would definately knit it again!

My basket is full of small mittens, nine down lots more to do, for an advent calendar found here I am making lots!!! one for each of my girls and one for a friend. My eldest is now at university studying nursing and won't be home to enjoy our traditional advent calendar this year so she can have one of her own in her flat. She doesn't know this yet, and won't be reading my blog so it will be a surprise.(hopefully)

This is my Clapotis  and only when I took the photo did I realise it matched our carpet!!!  worrying!! still the yarn was much prettier in the skein as you can see, sad that the finished result is not more blue. still have a way to go on this, tend to knit it in the car travelling long journeys.

I bought this yarn on Saturday at a new shop just opened in the neighbouring village. I was calling to collect something else and saw this colour and coudn't resist, my younger daughter wants  mittens as she loves Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer, so I intend to knit these for Christmas.
Well it's been good fun revisisting and I will do my best to return regularly, but home is calling it wants some love and attention today. so bye for now, and thanks for joining me.


  1. Welcome back!
    Look forward .to hearing from you

  2. Woohoo! Welcome back Claire. It is so good to see you blogging again. Here are to many more posts. Love the advent calendar idea. Great way to use up thos oddments too. Lots of catching up.

  3. I have just stumbled upon your new posts in my reader, Claire--good to see what you've been doing. The baby sweater is very adorable, and I do love the color of your clapotis! Hope you are feeling better? ...Deb