Friday, 10 August 2012

16 today!

Today my youngest daughter celebrated her 16th birthday. At present she is into all things vintage, so I made her card in colours she liked, added a sewing machine charm, and an old diamante brooch .
We also sewed a new dress out of new fabric, but using an old Style pattern from 1980s, it had to to be taken in alot because sizes then were larger than sizes now, but the finished result looks good. The buttons are from a selection I aquired from an eldery aunt, the label said 1/4d old money!

She has recently had lessons in cupcake decoration and made these little beauties. I am one very proud mum!


  1. Claire, hope she had a wonderful birthday! The cupcakes are amazing--very professional. You did a beautiful job on the dress, that's such a pretty print...Deb

  2. wow! What beautiful cupcakes- too pretty to eat!