Tuesday, 7 August 2012

blue sky today

Today after days of rain it is finally dry and sunny here. Thank goodness! I have taken a shot of our garden in the rain, before it grew so wild and wet. The suitcase is a find in my brothers loft full of patterns from my mother and grandmother. Lots of good things to make. Finally a picture of Francescas prom dress I made  with a final picture of her in it before the prom. She wanted short and it worked out well I was pleased and we have made another short dress for her since with one of the patterns in the suitcase. I will post that soon.


  1. Your daughter looks beautiful in her prom dress. Well done Claire on a great job. What treasures you have inearthed from the attic.

  2. The dress is so elegant--beautiful job Claire! Here we have been hot and dry all summer, apparently all the rain is passing us by to head your way :)