Sunday, 14 February 2010

Half Term Holidays

Today is Monday, and the start of the half term holidays week for us, the girls don't really need me to look after them any more they are both old enough to do that themselves, but I am all too well aware that time is marching on and next year there is a strong possibility that our eldest will have left for university, so I take the holidays to spend time with them while I can.
We may not do very much together, maybe see a film, or go bra shopping! But just being there at home together, or coming back knowing someone is home, is just as comforting.
My weekend has been good. I finished another pair of socks using Wise Hildas sock pattern

I made these paper snowdrops because my real ones looked to lovely to pick, and they are the only thing out in the garden at present. Surrounded by hearts for Valentines day.

I also finished this bag. It came as a kit with the book shown behind. It was easy to make and I am pleased with the result. It is supposed to have four buttonholes but only has two because my buttonholer on my new machine has broken!

I have also started reading Catcher in the Rye. Never read it at school (most people did) so spurred on by Salingers news I've made a start.


  1. Claire, those snowdrops are fantastic, what a clever lady you are. love the socks too. I started a new pair the other day and I was going to try a new pattern but the yarn was so scrummy that i decided on the basic to show off the yarn.

  2. Hi Claire,
    Have seen How to make an American Quilt but seems like a good time to watch it again. Hope you will come and see us when we have our exhibition. Let you know dates etc. later.

  3. Claire,
    I've never read Catcher in the Rye either; you will have to let us know how you like it.
    Beautiful socks!