Sunday, 2 November 2014

Back from a long long break ....

Made some curtains, but not the patchwork

grew some bulbs in spring

garden survived a hailstorm!

managed to keep an orchid alive for a year and grow new flowers!

Sad ;( finished brownies, and the unit closed none else wanted to run it.

Francesca's installation at college

made a gift for a friend

a paper gardenia I made

Ellies birthday cake

Two special birthdays for the girls this year

Ellie on her birthday with grandpa

a party to mark the occasions

Baddesley Clinton very near to us, Ian and I spent our wedding anniversary visiting.

Francesca's off to university

a room with a view in wales

first homemade soup of the year

a felt rose made into a brooch

sunset over our garden

first patchwork this year!

looking after Pedro for the day, went a walk in the rain!


  1. Welcome back!! Look forward to hearing more from you. :)

  2. Glad to see you have been keeping busy. Have missed you.

  3. Thanks Shirley, life has been difficult this year, lots of illness in the family. You have been doing so lovely work, and I loved your hat!

  4. Claire, such wonderful pictures! So nice to see all that you've been doing, and that view in Wales is beautiful. Will write soon, Deb