Thursday, 24 January 2013

New year, lots of snow!

So we are half way through January and our PC is working again, for now. We need a new one but,  there are other priorities at the moment. I made these decorated trees over Christmas and meant to take a photo of them in the snow but never did, I used coloured pencils for the trunks, and have plenty of old cotton reels for the bases, probably should cover them with something.
Also finished these, found the pattern on Ravelry.
In November I created this quilt for my friends daughters 21st birthday, she was thrilled!


  1. Everything is lovely! Looks like you've been very busy creating...hope you had a wonderful birthday!!
    We have lots of snow here also, and frigid cold temps-brrrrr


    1. Had a great birthday thank you, and thankyou for remembering it was in January too! Ian and I took the day off work and visited Oxford, it snowed gently all day and we enjoyed mooching around in the bookshops and covered market,the walked doen to Christchurch college and along the river, very cold!! all the cathedral choir school boys were running a crosscountry course!

    2. Bookshops & markets--sounds perfect!

  2. Good to see you creating Claire. Love the idea of the cotton reels for the tree pots. Lovely projects. Stay safe in the snow and cold and, Happy Belated Birthday.