Friday, 13 March 2009


My spare time this week has been spent making a couple of these, I bought the fabrice a couple of years ago and have made totes with it for presents on occasion. This one is for me and is currently holding sock yarn. I love the spots, and hope to buy more of this type of fabric this weekend. I am going to a local sewing and knitting fair with a friend.
This is a picture of the finished skirt, it looks better on. It is cut on the bias .

After seeing my bag on homespun living
I thought I would show it's now in good use.
Thanks Deb, it's very handy for carrying small projects around.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Library Finds

I found these books at the library last week and have been enjoying the wealth of ideas in them ever since especially cushions and throws.
Haven't quite mastered the art of taking a photo without the flash showing up on the book yet though.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Coffee Cups..

I have recently tried out the tutorial for a coffee cup cozy found on
house on hill road, and although it needs enlarging slightly for this size cup
I love the finished article and it has been admired in the coffee shop.
I'm please with the vintage button too !

Talking of coffee cups, I am following(not joining in yet) Green week, and saw the same Ikea coffee cup being used as a cup on a friend to knit with , this was my use for the same cups.


Today is another sunny day, so after I baked these Ginger Cookies
and this Lemon meringue pie,

I walked across the fields behind our house.
This is the castle, is in our town. I feel very fortunate to live surrounded by this.
Tonight is Brownie meeting night and we are finishing off Craft badge by making Mexican Gods Eyes. I will post pictures soon.