Friday, 13 March 2009


My spare time this week has been spent making a couple of these, I bought the fabrice a couple of years ago and have made totes with it for presents on occasion. This one is for me and is currently holding sock yarn. I love the spots, and hope to buy more of this type of fabric this weekend. I am going to a local sewing and knitting fair with a friend.
This is a picture of the finished skirt, it looks better on. It is cut on the bias .

After seeing my bag on homespun living
I thought I would show it's now in good use.
Thanks Deb, it's very handy for carrying small projects around.

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  1. Hi Claire,
    I love the tote fabric also; it makes a great bag. How was the sewing and knitting fair?...good I hope.
    Beautiful skirt! And I'm glad the pouch is useful.